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Four friends, four characters, many colors.

WITVROUW creates an organic blend of sounds, poetry and atmospheres from different musical galaxies. A lot of space for improvisation, groove and roots from jazz, blues and funk. 

Wanna hear some music  ?  


featuring these great musicians  :  

Bart Borremans , tenor sax ( Lucid Lucia Chris Joris Band,Piet verbist 4tet, Isbells,Jelle van Giel group,jazztafari,,a.o.,..)

Joachim Saerens , keys ( Selah Sue,Bai Kamara Jr., Billie KAwende,Kris Dane,a.o., ...)

Dre Pallemaerts , drums ( 'Seva' , Novastar, Bert Joris 4tet, Kris dane, Melanie De Biasio,  a.o.,...)

Simon Witvrouw , guitar, voice ,compositions (Billie Kawende, Mojostar, Dameblanche, Song of revolt (Filip Casteels), Egon, Jazztafari,a.o.,...)



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